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The time is NOW to Wake UP to your bliss and freedom!

Join American Yoginis Julie Upton and Tamara Lee Standard on this magical Dharma journey to ancient lands where many mystical practices have flourished.  We will encounter the influence of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam while we spend time with double hump camels in a high altitude desert valley, tour very old and incredibly ornate Buddhist monasteries, and conclude with an overnight on a houseboat in Dal Lake in Kashmir. 


These spectacular places are going to be the backdrop to your own inner journey which is inevitably going to be super enhanced by the high altitude rarefied atmosphere, mystical group consciousness of your fellow travelers & guides and the proximity to dedicated local spiritual practitioners who have been repeating mantras for liberation for years over the very places you will walk, sleep and dream.  Daily (optional) Mystic Yoga and Guided Meditations are included in the program as well as an opportunity to earn 40 Continuing Education Credits for YA registered yoga teachers.  


This is for you if you long for adventure, yet would like the support of a tour and the loving container of traveling with two dynamic guides who will catalyze your experience as well as nurture you as you evolve into a more liberated version of yourself.  


Our joy is facilitating your joy and excitement in exploring new lands and new territories in your mind.

High Altitude Himalayan Adventure

“Deep Dive into Ultimate Reality Buddhist Style”



Dates TBD


14 Nights

15 Days


Day 01 


Arrive Delhi

Welcome Dinner

Overnight Delhi


Day 02


Fly from Delhi to Leh, Ladakh (3500 meters)

Check in to hotel

Overnight Ladakh


Day 03

Mystic Yoga / Guided Meditation


Tour of Leh (Leh Palace, Shanti Stupa, Downtown)

Overnight Leh


Day 04

Mystic Yoga / Guided Meditation


Monastery Tour (Shey, Thiksey, Hemis)

Overnight Leh


Day 05

Mystic Yoga / Guided Meditation


Drive from Leh to Nubra Valley

Visit double hump camels at the sand dunes in Hundar

Overnight at Sumoor camp


Day 06

Mystic Yoga / Guided Meditation


Relaxing day in Sumoor

Sumoor is in a small village in beautiful nature down in Nubra Valley.  It is very quiet, quaint and perfect for meditation, contemplation and settling into one's sacred heart after the previous day's adventures.  Here we offer modern mystic yoga,  guided meditation, & led writing and communication practices (all optional) in a relaxed setting throughout the day.  Participants can also choose to be silent this day if they are feeling that, and their space will be respected.

Overnight Sumoor


Day 07

Mystic Yoga / Guided Meditation


Go to the hotsprings and sit in healing waters, very conducive to integrating some of the inner work that was explored in the previous 6 days.

Drive from Nubra Valley to Leh

Overnight Leh


Day 08

Mystic Yoga / Guided Meditation


Drive from Leh to Pongong Lake

Pongong Lake is a beautiful and pristine lake deep in the Himalayas.  ¾ of it is in Ladakh, India and ¼ of is in Tibet, China.  No boats are allowed on the lake.  It is just a peaceful place to relax.  The lake has different colors of blue and is surrounded by the Himalayan mountain range.  You will most likely see yaks roaming about.  We will stay at a beautiful camp and have a wonderful night around a camp fire.  To get there we travel over Chang La pass which is one of the highest motorable roads in the world.  That itself is an amazing part of the experience.

Overnight Pongong Lake


Day 09

Mystic Yoga / Guided Meditation


Drive from Pongong Lake to Leh


Day 10

Mystic Yoga / Guided Meditation


Day in Leh to explore (this is a good day if you are feeling you need time alone to take it or to explore in smaller groups to follow one’s own unique interests and intuitions.  Guides will be available to tour around with you or offer suggestions if needed.

Overnight Leh


Day 11

Mystic Yoga / Guided Meditation


We travel from Leh to some of the most ancient and holy sites of Ladakh.  In the old days monasteries were way away from people so the monks and nuns could meditate without being disturbed.  We will travel back in time to a few places that are still functioning in the ancient ways.  We can only go to parts of them of course so as not to disturb, but the vast beautiful high altitude nature is breathtaking and you will be acclimatizing in alchemical way if you are open to the transformational experience available just moving about in this sacred atmosphere.

Basgo, Lekir and Alchi

Overnight Alchi


Day 12

Mystic Yoga / Guided Meditation


Drive from Alchi to Lamayuru monastery

Lamayuru monastery was founded by the great Buddhist scholar and practitioner Naropa.  It is the oldest and largest temple in Ladakh.  Buddhist Philosophy/History will be covered here for those wanting Continuing Education Credits.

Overnight in nearby Kargil


Day 13

Mystic Yoga / Guided Meditation


Drive from Kargil to Srinigar

Stay on a beautiful house boat on Dal Lake; this is the icing on the cake for this magnificent journey.  We will relax on the boat and take outings on a smaller boat where we see floating stores and markets…Here we enter a magic water world in Kashmir.

Overnight Srinigar


Day 14

Mystic Yoga / Guided Meditation


Tour of the nearby mosques and the tomb where it is believed by some to hold the body of Jesus.  More history here included regarding Islam and Christianity and the Mystic path.  Deeply supportive way to end the tour and feel empowered to move deeper into one’s own spiritual journey after witnessing such an array of practices and practicing deeply oneself in high altitude and building connections with fellow travelers as well being deeply nurtured by Tour Guides Julie & Tamara.

Overnight Srinigar


Day 15

Brief Closing Circle with short meditation and time to commune with another


Fly from Srinigar to Delhi

Fly Home or stay one night and fly out the next day depending on your plans


Go on to your extension tour with us 


Cost Per Person:


$2800  Early Bird – Book by May 31 2017


$3200  Book by July 1 2017


$3600 Book Anytime After


(special wholesale rates offered for families or teachers with students; please inquire)


Trip Includes:

Airport Transfers

All Accommodation

All Transportation including domestic flights

Most food (vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner)

All Fees and Permits

All Spiritual Programs


Trip Does Not Include:

International Flights

Mandatory Travel Insurance

Some Food (very few meals are not included but, when you have free time it is good to be able to roam around and experience the culture and food on your own)



Extra drinks (soda, coffee etc…)

Miscellaneous / Shopping

Tips you may want to give to local guides


***To book please contact Julie at 

and/or Tamara at

For any questions or concerns feel free to ask via FB or email.

We look forward to journeying with you!

NEWS FLASH:  Ganga Tour will have NEW DATES for LATE AUGUST EARLY SEPTEMBER: Stay Tuned!  please email us if you are interested and have preferences!

Get in touch with the original (Adi)Shakti in this powerful yogic immersion. This is an experiential learning journey that gives participants the opportunity to live like ancient yogis who often were on pilgrimage. We will visit historic sites where yogis had realizations and also sit with awakened beings who are still breathing and in who's presence we can marinate. This type of education is very rare and the ability to surrender and be open is asked of all who participate.  
Liberation is not just an ideology- Moksha, the goal of yoga is real and alive. Come and experience the atmosphere of freedom that all the ancient yogic scriptures are pointing to.  

YOGA ALLIANCE CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS: 80 credits contact, 10 non contact in the categories of:  Yoga Philosophy, lifestyle & EthicsTechniques, Training & Practice

Topics Included:  

Hindu Philosophy and purpose of life of sadhu/sadhaka

The power of pilgrimage (yatra)

Development of one’s own sadhana (daily devotions or spiritual practice)

History of Yogi Saints: Sage Vashishta, Swami Sivananda, Jesus (India years), Sri Ma Anandamayi, Maharishi Mahesh YogiMeeting with living saint: Nanima and volunteer with her hospice center (Karma Yoga/Seva)

Yoga Asana, Pranayama and Meditation practice daily

Yogi Activism: Celebrating and contemplating the recent Indian Government decision to make the Ganga a living entity, which entitles Her to different rights, and which may be the way of saving this planet. We will take time to ponder this and how as yogis we can employ ahimsa or non-violence to protect our precious planet.

Understanding Shakti and embodying feminine wisdom, whatever gender you identify with, using meditation techniques, chanting (Bhakti Yoga)and surprise modalities to access your intuitive capacity. 


*Please note that participants will need to have courage and commitment to their own yogic evolution for this sort of tour and it is not for the faint of heart. We will provide the necessary support for participants to go deep, but a strong foundation in yoga, or union with the divine as you understand it, is encouraged as is an ability to go with the flow at times. This is not a classroom setting, but a chance to learn and possibly connect with living Gurus, time-tested practices and/or sacred sites that may assist you in a non-conceptual experience that cannot be measured in a western linear way.  


Delhi – Rishikesh – Uttarkashi – Gangotri – Gomukh

May 20 – June 3 2017   14 days 13 nights

Day 01Arrive DelhiAirport Pick-UpWelcome Dinner

Day 02BreakfastDrive from Delhi to RishikeshTemple TourAshram StayOvernight Rishikesh

Day 03Yoga / MeditationBreakfastRelaxing day with a walking tour of RishikeshOvernight Rishikesh

Day 04Yoga / MeditationBreakfastDrive from Rishikesh to UttarkashiTour and programOvernight Uttarkashi

Day 05Yoga / MeditationBreakfastDrive from Uttarkashi to GangotriTour and program Overnight Gangotri

Day 06Yoga / MeditationBreakfastStart trek to Gomukh GlacierOvernight on the way in a nice camp with dinner and all accommodation

Day 07Yoga / MeditationBreakfastTrek from camp to Gomukh Glacier and back to campOvernight at camp

Day 08Yoga / MeditationBreakfastTrek from camp back to GangotriOvernight Gangotri

Day 09Yoga / MeditationBreakfastRelaxing day at Gangotri with programOvernight Gangotri

Day 10Yoga / MeditationBreakfastDrive from Gangotri to RishikeshOvernight Rishikesh

Day 11Yoga / MeditationBreakfastProgram in RishikeshOvernight Rishikesh

Day 12Yoga / MeditationBreakfastDrive from Rishikesh to HaridwarProgram in HaridwarOvernight Haridwar

Day 13Yoga / MeditationBreakfastDrive from Haridwar to DelhiGoodnight DinnerOvernight Delhi

Day 14Yoga / MeditationBreakfastAirport Drop- Off/Fly Home OR To Your Extension Tour

Price Per Person:  $2700 by 4/15, $3000 by 4/30, $3500 by 5/10


All mealsAll travel within India

All accommodation

All tour programs (yoga, meditation, etc…)

All entrance fees to sitesDoes Not Include:Travel Insurance (mandatory)

Special food and snacks

Miscellaneous spending

Tips in special instances where it is your decision to make an offering

$600 Non-Refundable deposit sent through Paypal to send through “friends and family” option) after signing the waiver. If you have not signed the waiver Julie sent you and emailed it back to her then do that first.Once your deposit is paid we send you your packing list and everything else you need to know about the specifics of the actual tour.


A note from Julie:

This world we live in can be so intense and make no sense sometimes. It can also be overwhelmingly beautiful and inspiring. This roller coaster ride can be more relaxing and smooth once we know what our purpose here on Earth is in these bodies. The ancient Rishi’s of India (long ago there was no India, USA, Nepal etc...) understood the truth and left the information behind to be clearly absorbed by those seeking the deeper meaning of life.Himalayan Yoga Travels will take you on a deep inner journey in the external world where the layer between physical and non-physical is very thin. This lays a sweet foundation for “seeing” truth, which is an internal experience.The Himalayas have always been a sacred place for the awakening process to happen. Even in 2017!!! We will travel to some of the most powerful and beautiful areas of India to the glacier where the water that forms the famous Ganges River is coming out.

This tour is not just a sightseeing tour but, an experience of the self as you let go and allow the nature of reality reveal itself to you.The irony is that you will be in such a beautiful place on this earth that is revered by so many. You will experience the Indian culture, their spirituality practices and rituals as well as be in nature away from the craziness that can sometimes overwhelm the senses.

Bio: Julie Upton has been organizing workshops and trips for over a decade and been living in India as a Spiritual Tour Guide for almost 4-years. She has been practicing and teaching yoga for most of her adult life and is very passionate that a true yogi be developed in all areas of life and not just asana which is why she is leading people now on “experiential” trips that are meant to stimulate the awakening process as opposed to just hearing about it. The power of India is tangible and you will not come home the same in the best way possible.

Local guides will also accompany you throughout your travels and all transportation is luxury style. Accommodations vary because sometimes there is no fancy options at certain locations. Always hot showers and clean food and drinking water are supplied. Ashram living in India can range from fancy to simple so an open mind is much needed on this adventure of a lifetime.  They say anything is possible in India and that has proven true for me over and over. Keeping an open mind and open heart is all that is being asked of you if you are ready.


Julie Upton, Owner of Himalayan Yoga Travels

For more info please contact or

A note from Tamara:

Before we go, please begin to call upon your inner power with the Adi Shakti chant below and see if She calls you to join us. We are two awakening yoginis living now in India from the US, so we make excellent midwifes to your birth into a new level in your yogic evolution process.

~waiting with devoted joy to meet you~

Tamara Lee Standard, E-RYT200

Wild Wisdom Yogini ~*~

Founder & Director of Modern Mystic Yoga Academy

For bio see:


Kundalini-Shakti-Bhakti Mantra

Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Namo Namo!Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Namo Namo!Prithum Bhagvati, Prithum Bhagvati, Prithum Bhagvati, Namo Namo!Kundalini Mata Shakti, Mata Shakti, Namo Namo!


Primal Shakti, I bow to Thee!All-Encompassing Shakti, I bow to Thee!That through which Divine Creates, I bow to Thee!Creative Power of the Kundalini, Mother of all Mother Power, To Thee I Bow!



An epic way to celebrate the Spring Equinox and invite transformation and adventure into your life in this radical journey to Egypt. This Modern Mystic Tour is being led by Egpytian Mahmoud Marei and Yogini Tamara Lee Standard and will blend the best of exploration of ancient ruins and yogic practices in the backdrops of the Sphynx and pyramids. Do you want to know silence? Come and experience meditation in the Sahara in the sheer space and quietude. Do you want to reinvent yourself and your life? Take this time to do so in a supportive group and with people who want you to be liberated and free to create the life you have always dreamed of living. Daily Yoga & Meditation included in this Indiana Jones-esque adventure to open your heart!


About your guides:

Since 1998, Mahmoud Marai has been traveling extensively and leading expeditions across the Great Sahara Desert. Marai, with more than 300,000 km of desert driving, logistical and navigating experience, is considered one of the great contemporary explorers of the Sahara. Marai has reached the outskirts of the Tassili N Ajjer Mountains in Algeria, the borders of the Tenere Desert of Niger, explored the Erdi and Enedi massifs in Chad, penetrated the Darfur province and followed the ancient Forty-Days camel caravan route. 

Marai and companions made startling discoveries and contributed to the understanding of the prehistoric civilization in the Uwienate Mountain. In 2012 Marai led two expeditions in the Sahara which had US Explorers Club flags. For this accomplishment, Marai was granted a Fellow International Member by the prestigious US Explorer society. He is also a member of the Geographical Society of Egypt. Marai has published more than 45 articles in travel and auto magazines and geographical journals- many of his articles were also translated into Italian and Spanish. 

Tamara Lee Standard E-RYT 200, founder of the Modern Mystic Yoga Academy in Tucson, Arizona has been teaching yoga since 2001, including leading yoga teacher trainings and international yoga workshops & retreats. In 2014 she completed a 3 year meditation retreat in which she was able to develop her own personalized yogic sadhana (spiritual practice), emphasizing meditation in remote wilderness. During her retreat she employed the scientific application of the yogic lifestyle and her various trainings in Kundalini, Anusara, Sivananda, Vinyasa Yoga & Buddhism, along with a willingness to listen to and apply inner wisdom. This experience gives her a unique perspective, deep intuitive insight and the ability to assist others in developing their personal yoga practice. She is an Evolution Ally, meaning she empowers and supports one way to enlightenment ~ your own. Her offerings include: Mystic Yoga, Modern Mystic Yoga Teaching Trainings & Immersions, Modern Mystic Journeys and Mystic Evolution Coaching. 

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