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Happy Results

Kristina Lunde 

This is hands down the best yoga experience I have been involved with ever. The knowledge and compassion in action are taught, lived and applied to one's life. You are not attending a class, you are receiving a valuable life-enriching experience that stays with you.

Catherine Dicochea Brown 

Seriously loved my class today with Tamara....everyone needs to try a class with her!!! Her practice is amazing.

Riddhi Deliwala

I was just recollecting our days at Modern Mystic & I am thankful for your teachings & grooming. There hasn’t been a single time that I haven’t thought about your
lessons, before I take a class here. I truly mean it! ️️
Above all, what made our teacher training so special, is our authentic Retreat to Diamond Mountain! And that we were the first lucky batch to have this rejuvenating experience. I named it ‘authentic’ as these days Retreat is more synonymous
to ‘a trip to exotic location & doing fancy yoga poses, whereas what you made us experience is the true meaning of it... A perfect Yoga Retreat ️

I would definitely recommend Modern Mystic Yoga Academy to anyone who wants to have a true yogic mindset, on & off the mat! 

Once upon a time, many years ago, I took a magical kundalini yoga class. It was one of my favorite teachers... I always worked hard in her classes, really digging deep and pushing through, through a motivation she inspired. It was almost as if she was storytelling through the class, and I would be so enthralled with her wisdom that I would forget any resistence in my body and dive in.

Kundalini yoga moves energy very rapidly, even sometimes unblocked energy you didn't realize was there. One of these magical classes, this teacher gave us these little peices of paper, and we chanted. I felt a huge shift in my energy, so I made sure to tuck the paper away to revisit. About a decade later, I still open it up when looking through my treasures, usually tucked in with my crystals on some sort of altar.

I have chanted this prayer in times of joy and celebration, and in grief, in times of barely holding on, I was able to break through... I have chanted it during a sis*star's baby blessing circle and the baby has kicked in response. I have come back to this prayer, again and again. I have never lost it. And it has always found me.

And although it's been around a decade since I took that class, I have not forgotten the sparkle in her eye... How I thought it was cool that she wore cherry red toenail polish even though she is a natural beauty not much into materialism. How she helped me find my inner healing. I have not forgotten your stories, and I have not lost this prayer. I love how our paths have woven throughout the years and that we may continue to create, inspire, and live in solidarity, I love you Tamara

So,  T h a n k Y o u @TamaraLeeStandard. Your teachings are infinite and you are a shining jewel of a human who truly lets the divine shine through them in a unique way. And that is immeasurable

Rose the live painter


Kristin Gamborg 

I liked how the Modern Mystic Yoga Academy encouraged the students to find their own path to become a yoga teacher regarding the style of yoga and what it means to the student to live a yogic lifestyle.

Shannon Stephens

Modern Mystic Yoga Academy has provided a wonderfully supportive environment and shared a genuine love and knowledge of the transformational potentials of Yoga. I could not have asked for more from Tamara Lee Standard and Amy Vaughn. They are the best.

Vilma Staiano

Modern Mystic Yoga Academy provides what I would call a “universal” approach to Yoga Teacher Training. It taps into the vast resources available to begin training the yoga teacher to feel confident to address the needs of different populations. This reflects the experience and knowledge of the owner and lead teacher, as well as her selection and contribution of fine, diverse instructors that gave this training a wonderful depth and breadth. I felt the “universality” of it was reflected in the philosophy, world view and ethics of Hindu, Buddhist and contemporary western issues; a total vision of yoga with Master Patanjali Eight Limbs, so not just focusing on asana; the asanas and pranayamas of different schools and approaches; what best serves the students at that moment such as Kundalini, Anusara, Astanga, Lady Niguma, etc.; assorted modalities such as chair yoga, restorative practices, Kirtan; as well as appropriate voice, sequencing, modifications, alignments and adjustments; the study of not only the outer body anatomy, but a very learned study of inner body anatomy as well. All the instructors were very knowledgeable, encouraging and giving. Tamara Standard has a wonderful ability to motivate and empower. This quality makes this Yoga Teacher Training a wonderful gift.

Vimala Sperber

Tamara is a very powerful teacher - one of the best I have known. I would highly recommend her program. I especially love that it was a small group and that we did it in a retreat style, total immersion.

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