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Take the next step on your path...

"Wild at Heart"

Modern Mystic Yoga Teacher Training 200hr

Cashmere WA 2019

Become a certified Yoga Teacher this summer or simply empower yourself learning ancient Self Mastery techniques with veteran YTT facilitators Tamara Lee Standard, CEO of Modern Mystic Yoga Academy & Richelle Ricard, the Yoga Engineer, plus guest teacher, local intuitive holistic Physical Therapist, Sonia Karumsi.


Teaching Yoga is an art and not merely a 'job'

It's an opportunity to facilitate huge transformation for others potentially, learn how to be a community leader & physical as well as spiritual coach.


To be a Modern Mystic Yogi is to live with integrity-integrating values and behaviors, wisdom and method, introspection and action. At MMYA, we don't just pump out yoga teachers, rather we help you develop your own authentic experience with yoga that will empower to facilitate that for others.

In this unique Modern Mystic YTT, you will learn the universal fundamentals of yoga as well as participate in further inquiry into many individual types of practice in order to discover your own unique sadhana, or path of transformation, and become empowered to become a guide to others on the yogic path.

Don't miss this magical opportunity to dive deep into the treasures of ancient yogic wisdom and uncover their modern day applications in conscious community.


If You are looking for:

  • An intimate, comprehensive and personalized modern Yoga lifestyle experience

  • Advanced, accessible instruction in the history, philosophy & application of Yogic Wisdom as taught from the ancient yogic scriptures (Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika)

  • Guidance in cultivating self-mastery in your life, and developing an authentic practice that supports awakening

  • Support in finding your voice as a guide for others on the path

  • The technical skills, intuitive practice & confidence to create yoga classes that uplift and inspire

  • An excellent overview of yoga asana (postures) pranayama (breath work) meditation & physical and subtle body anatomy

Then you are invited to the Modem Mystic Yoga Academy "Wild at Heart" 200hr YTT


Earlybird Registration Deadline: TBD

Application required and upon acceptance:

Tuition: $3333

If paid in full by TBD, discounted rate of

ONLY $2800

$500 downpayment by TBD will give you the 2nd tier Earlybird pricing of $3000

If paid in total by 6/1

OR 3rd tier of $3333 paid in full by TBD (with a down payment of $500 to be negotiated individually).  

If you need a payment plan we can facilitate that for $3500 in payments of $500/mo beginning in July (with a deposit of $500 with acceptance into the course) to be completed by Winter Solstice.

Includes a MMYA binder & a Wild at Heart in house meditation weekend retreat. (no overnights, but plenty of ritual, puja and pure yoga magic with field trips to land nearby to practice yoga in the wild.











August 16-September 23

(may change slightly, please email/dm if you have any scheduling conflicts and we can talk about make up hours)

8/16 FRI  Modern Mystic Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Initial

WILD AT HEART YOGA Two week Immersion
7-8pm Gong Bath/Yoga Nidra (open to public as well)
8:15-9:30pm Wild at Heart opening night
8/17 9-6pm SA
8/18 10-7pm SU
8/19 10-7pm MO
8/20 Day Off TU
8/21 10-7pm WE
8/22 10-7pm TH
8/24 9-6pm SA with RICHELLE
8/25 10-7pm SU Public Module
8/26 10-7pm MO
8/27 Day Off TU
8/28 10-7pm WE
8/29 10-7pm TH
8/30 10-5pm
5:30-6:30class then 7-8 FRI: SPECIAL YOGA RETREAT WEEKEND (may just be at studio daytimes or at a TBA venue)
8/31 SA 4am-6pm
9/1 SU 10-6pm END OF Initial 2 week Immersion
9/7 9-7pm
9/8 9-7pm
9/14 9-7pm
9/15 9-7pm
9/21 9-7pm
9/22 9-7pm
Graduation Closing Ceremony 7-10pm

Make up hours available if unable to make all the dates with prior notification.

Modern Mystic Yoga Academy

For application questions, please email:


What You’ll Learn

General topics: 


  • Anatomy and alignment principles of asana (physical postures) as well as functional anatomy for teaching yoga with propping and modifications 

  • Pranayama and meditation: basics and beyond

  • The elements of a yogic lifestyle

  • History & application of various schools and styles of yoga, from hatha to vinyasa, hot yoga and more.

  • Adapting the practice to different populations

  • Guidelines for how to take the seat of the teacher with humility and grace and lead full spectrum classes to your desired population safely and with confidence.


Special topics: 


  • Yoga as Alchemy: How to hold space for others transformation as well as one's own

  • Using the Gita to be a Modern Day Yogi

  • From self-destruction to Self Discovery: Yoga as a healing practice assisting in recovery from unhealthy addictions.

  • The science of sacred sequencing and creating balanced safe yoga classes 

  • The art of Subtle body assists and intuitive energetic adjustments

  • Kundalini Yoga

  • Sound healing with gong/singing bowls and chanting

  • Brain Body Connection:  understanding the nervous system and building somatic intelligence and body awareness

  • Listening to the inner guru and designing your own personal sadhana (practice)

  • Siddhis: The supernatural side effects of Yoga

  • Mystic Meditation: an exploration of various forms of yogic meditation.

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Mudras and Mantra: Using all the yogic technologies to evolve and enhance your experience

  • Yogic Communication: how to embody peace in all your affairs and be an example of courageous love in your community

  • Discovering Your signature teaching style

  • How to say a few Sanskrit words, and how to theme classes with quotes from yogic texts

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