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Liberation is not just an ideology

Our mission is to provide exceptional, from the heart yogic guidance to sincere practitioners who are looking to make transformations in their lives. The goal is to reach moksha, liberation in this very lifetime, using the ancient science of yoga combined with modern day wisdom. 

MMYA is a safe place to connect to your inner wisdom

in community, and explore various yoga traditions.


Tamara Lee Standard E-RYT 200, is a wild, wisdom yogini and the founder of the Modern Mystic Yoga Academy. Graced by yogic teachings in childhood initially from her father, she officially began teaching in 2001 after completing her first YTT within the Sivananda lineage.   In the following years she has fallen more and more in love with yoga and the Dharma, and taught all over the US and abroad.  In 2014, she completed a 3 year meditation retreat in which she was able to deepen her own personalized yogic sadhana (spiritual practice) emphasizing meditation in remote wilderness.  During her retreat she embodied fully the yogic lifestyle and progressed in her various advanced trainings with Kundalini, Anusara, Sivananda, Vinyasa Yoga, Vedanta & Buddhism, along with a profound surrender to listen to and apply inner wisdom. This experience gave her a unique perspective, deep intuitive insight and the ability to assist others in developing their personal yoga practice. She is an Evolution Ally, meaning she empowers, nurtures and supports creating an atmosphere to facilitate awakening in all of her offerings, which include: Mystic Yoga, Modern Mystic Yoga Teaching Trainings & Immersions, Modern Mystic Journeys & Retreats and Mystic Evolution Coaching.  She is only here for Moksha (liberation) and seeks to build community and commune with those on the same path.   

Richelle Ricard LMT, Lead Anatomy and Therapuetics of Yoga Instructor for Modern Mystic Academy's YTT's.  With over 24 years of experience in sports medicine, bodywork, energy healing, yoga, and education, Richelle identifies as both a healer and a teacher. The body has an intricate design, which when understood in its most finite form, can inform and guide our unfolding understanding of the less corporeal layers of our existence.Her aim is to provide an accessible, practical approach to anatomy, physiology, and the practice of teaching yoga so that each prospective teacher can stand in their own body with confidence, and tap into the vast flow of wisdom that is facilitated through the physical form.Her curriculum has evolved since 2008 to become the basis for my various retreats, workshops, teacher trainings and daily classes. She travels the country and world to teach, consult and develop teacher trainings at both the 200- and 300-hour levels with amazing yoga studios and programs that range from Hatha to Hot to Yoga for Athletes, and Ashtanga. She looks forward to sharing space, time and perspective with all the students yet to come. For more info on her see her website:


Amy Vaughn M.A. E-RYT 200 Former YTT Lead Instructor and current consultant. She has been studying Eastern philosophy and mysticism for more than 20 years. Besides her 200 hour training in Kriya Yoga, she has an 800 hour certificate in the History, Philosophy, and Literature of Yoga from Traditional Yoga Studies. Amy came to Hatha Yoga to help manage a severe anxiety disorder. It worked so well, she wrote Yoga to Ease Anxiety: Practices and Perspectives to Help You Enjoy Life Again, which came out early 2014. She is also the author of From the Vedas to Vinyasa: an Introduction to the History and Philosophy of Yoga. Amy’s asana classes are meditative and accommodating. She teaches with compassion and humor, allowing students to always feel at ease. Visit her site


Dan Bert BS RYT500, is a former scientist and martial arts practitioner turned yogi in 2011.  He has been teaching Kriya yoga for four years at Yoga Connection in Tucson.
Dan also has involvement with teaching yoga to veterans in the Connected Warriors program and has taught yoga to youth in a group home environment.
He is a Peaceful Warrior advocate and strives to do as good as the best that can be done.

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