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Yoga is Wild

Yoga is so much more than studio lighting & rubber mats, temperature regulation and tight sexy pants! just saying... yoga is wild no doubt and there are so many ways to do it. Nowadays especially, as the hybrids are prolific and multiplying It's all skillful means to reach the masses Yet one size doesn't fit all & Authentic awakening can't be reduced to a "certified" experience. * But I can guarantee this- You can learn practices that point you in the direction of personal health, vitality and freedom ~ of how to live liberated with commitment to a daily prescription of mindful movement and breath expansion, meditation and service...a holistic approach to make the absolute most of this precious human life. * Modern Mystic Yoga Academy offers a 200hr YTT to explore this in depth, whether you decide to teach professionally or not, you will be supported to grow personally in leaps and bounds! SIGNIFICANT EARLYBIRD special, cash discount and payment plans welcome! We support the wild awakening within for all who are sincerely interested and will work with you to make this a dream come true. ESPECIALLY For WORX WENATCHEE GYM Members! PLUS, upon graduation, an opportunity to immediately begin teaching at Worx of Wenatchee Valley, if you are ready to step into subbing yoga classes. You will be trained to do so, and it would be a great chance to start honing your craft as a teacher in a wonderful environment! (Recently voted the World's Best Gym!-by The Wenatchee World paper) *picture taken on the 2016 MMYA yoga teacher training retreat Diamond Mountain Retreat Center in remote SE Arizona wilderness

— with Tamara Lee Standard.

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