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Became a Yoga Teacher

The most empowering event in my life was becoming a yoga teacher. It's not an exaggeration to claim that this role has been an opportunity to outgrow intense conditioning that would have led to an early alcoholic death or similar tragic fate. By serving others in this way, I have healed and transmuted life scripts that never yielded positive results. The combination of applying yogic wisdom to all my human dilemmas and my own dedication to healing from self-destruction and desiring to experience Self-discovery has given me a foundation to help others in their hero's journey home to living the most empowered version of themselves. If you feel an itch to walk this path at all, I invite you to join us this summer for a magical journey inward to your power source using the ancient technologies of yoga.

We will provide the container for you to go deep and challenge any personal obstacles to living in a liberated consciousness. We will support your transformation physically & mentally and you will find tangible evidence within to prove your body is indeed a vessel of so much more than the mind can comprehend. All you need to do is commit to a journey of Self-empowerment for the benefit of all beings (yourself included) and the rewards will be priceless!

And keep in mind that we all come here to share different gifts and if you feel called to hold space like this for others, then how it manifests after the training will simply be the fun part. We will help you gain the confidence and you will fine tune your inner listening devices to abide in your inner sanctuary deeply enough that you can create that for others. Yoga is about transformation and healing, redemption and resurrection from the sources of pain and ignorance in your life. The journey to Self-Mastery is never easy, but when you hear the call for it, ignoring it becomes nearly impossible.

Teaching others how to face what is blocking them is indeed an art, as that you will need to be emptied enough of your attachments and aversions to be their mirrors and reflect their pure potential. This is accomplished through polishing your own mirror sufficiently enough. It's not about merely memorizing techniques; it's about doing the work in your own life to earn the Seat of the Teacher.

Don't worry, every teacher had to start somewhere, and ask for help too in connecting to their inner purity, power, and infinite potential. And it's also a process; teachers are human and make mistakes along the way. Tolerance is a big part of the journey, as is patience, I won't lie.

But as you turn up the heat on your own growth through a commitment like this, you will be humbled and forced to develop compassion for all the teachers that you previously judged. It's one of the most powerful ways to learn how to forgive and move forward with mercy and compassion. Every teacher develops tremendous tenderness for their students, for when they do their own inner battles, they can only bow to the those brave enough to also choose the path of yogic evolution.

May we all find our way to full embodiment of personal freedom and develop the courage to reflect that fully to others.

I am here as your yogini ally in this ultimate adventure!

Namaste, sincerely

and Sat Nam ~

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