Excerpts from 'Memoirs of a Misfit Mystic'

It seems appropriate that my first blog post is written while on pilgrimage in India. Now, having left all that was familiar in America, I sincerely feel fearless in my desire to express my joy freely to those who might seek to commune with me while I am on this journey, as well inspire those who would like to do something like this to join me.

You see, I am literally ‘on assignment’ here in the holy land of yogi saints and mystic wandering sadhus.

You could say, I am a correspondent for the Evolution Times, an underground divine publication that is sponsored by forces far greater than me. I somehow got the assignment when the yoga temple (Modern Mystic Yoga Academy) I had opened in Tucson, Az 1 year ago, had to close suddenly after only 10 months of existence at that location. This meant I was free to let the physical location of MMYA go and let it be an offering to the community, a sand mandala that however beautiful as a physical portal it was, needed to be blown away in that form to provide the reminder of impermanence and to set me free to take this yatra (pilgrimage) myself.

In considering my reasons for pilgrimage here, I’m often brought to tears of in-depth gratitude to be in the land where everything that I’ve ever studied and treasured originated from. The ideas that molded my worldview as young person and only deepened over years of contemplation and hard-won life experience are alive and also ancient in their abiding presence here. It’s been like entering a realm of rarefied atmosphere, where certain levels of understanding need not be debated or proved. For example, the consciousness around certain yogi towns where no meat or alcohol are sold or consumed is a precious support to cultivating peaceful states of mind. But even the painful and sad impressions of wounded beings (human and animal) that I have witnessed here have served to awaken my sensitive heart to greater levels of compassion and bodhichitta. My soul finds a deep rest that is hard to articulate, but I can say it’s a long overdue respite for this weary, and at times wayward stranger. It's a rebirth, a connection to the sweet innocence of my early stirrings to be vegetarian in a primarily meat eating culture, and to be non-violent no matter what. India is now mothering that innocent sensitivity and desire to cultivate unconditional love for all beings, allowing me