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Foot Yoga Kit


Designed to support optimum foot health and restore weight distribution in the feet so that you can practice yoga better, but also walk, run, bike etc.

Instructional video included to learn how to use each component and to better care for your precious feet.


  • 1 big therapuetic ball for foot reflexology
  • 2 little therapuetic balls for between toe stimulation
  • 1 pair of toe spreaders
  • 1 vial of peppermint/almond oil for Foot Massage/Self Anointing
  • 1 Foot Reflexology laminated chart
  • 1 Foot Exercise Routine laminated card
  • MMYA & MMM stickers 
  • Light little gift bag to carry it all in
  • Shipping & Handling Fees

Foot Yoga Kit

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